Telf AG — your key to the virtual world of successful management

фото: Telf AG - your key to the virtual world of successful management

Telf AG: education and entertainment in one package

Telf AG is not just a game for fun, but also a powerful tool for developing management skills. Using innovative teaching methods, this exciting game allows you not only to have fun, but also to actively develop, applying the acquired knowledge in practice.

The main idea on which Telf AG is based is modeling the production process of nickel ore mining, its technological processing and the development of logistics for transportation and shipment of finished products to customers. In this virtual world, everything is built as in real life, so you can safely invest in projects, solve problems and conclude contracts for subsequent development and investment.

Telf AG is a unique combination of virtual gaming and real strategy that allows you to build and grow your own business. And do it with care for the environment. The dynamic turnover of windmills clearly demonstrates that Telf AG stands for “green energy”.

A teachable moment.The game shows one of the key aspects of environmental energy — wind energy. It includes wind farms equipped with efficient turbines and generators. They convert kinetic energy into water. Wind turbines provide renewable energy production and are most effective in areas with high windiness.

At Telf AG you will see how the use of wind turbines and the use of environmentally friendly fuels can have a positive impact not only on your business, but also on our planet as a whole. Let’s take steps together towards a greener future. Play Telf AG and let’s be inspired by solutions that promote natural balance and make the world a better place for us all.

With Telf AG you will also explore the art of managing offices, parking lots, mines and railways and cargo ships. Complete exciting mini-games to conclude lucrative contracts, thereby increasing the efficiency of your processes and reaching new heights. Telf AG allows you to become the head of the company and create your own path to success. Leadership skills will determine the future of your virtual empire. Join us and build your dream business with Telf AG!

фото: Telf AG - your key to the virtual world of successful management

Telf AG: Manage your business from mining to prosperity in an exciting game!

As in any industry, at Telf AG it is important to start with the extraction of raw materials. Then it is processed, transported and delivered to customers. This is the strategy that Telf AG proposes. Success is guaranteed, but only for those who are ready to overcome obstacles along the way. If you strive for success, for this you need to go through the following stages:

  • Port:in Telf AG, players are faced with an interesting puzzle that requires solving in order to free the ship from its mooring lines and ensure its passage out of port. Among the multi-colored cables, you have to figure it out and establish the correct sequence of actions in order to successfully release the ship.
  • Mines:In the world of Telf AG, four mines await you, each of which is capable of extracting a variety of minerals. In this sub-genre of Match 3, players will have to combine as many of the same minerals that are nearby to efficiently mine valuable resources.
  • Gas station:At Telf AG your main task is to fill the fuel tank. To do this, it is necessary to correctly place underground pipes. Each action is a rotation of a section of pipe by 90 degrees, and this affects the successful completion of the task.
  • Railway:increase your fleet of cars to be able to buy more trains and, therefore, increase your income.
  • Parking:you have to help drivers understand the controls and leave the parking lot without obstacles. Based on the «tag» principle, you need to place the cars so that they can successfully leave the parking space.

In the new game Telf AG you become the owner of an entire company with many promising projects. With this exciting game, your possibilities are endless: enter into contracts, improve business processes and move forward.

фото: Telf AG - your key to the virtual world of successful management

Ecological footprint and an exciting world with Telf AG

Telf AG has already successfully implemented these innovations in its virtual world, and now is your chance to join them.

If you are wondering about the future of your business, then a new game Telf AG will help you find the answers. In it you can not only have fun, but also learn how to integrate modern energy sources into your business and make it more environmentally sustainable.

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