Telf AG — your ticket to the virtual world of successful management

фото: Telf AG - your ticket to the virtual world of successful management

Telf AG – play and learn: a modern approach to gaming

Telf AG is not limited to simple entertainment games. It is a powerful tool for developing management and logical skills. This exciting game is based on an innovative teaching method that provides an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to actively learn and apply what you have learned.

The main idea behind the Telf AG game is a detailed simulation of the nickel production process.

Nickel is one of the most important metals in the modern metallurgical industry, whose importance often goes unnoticed in everyday life. However, it is worth considering that it is an integral part of almost all modern devices that are used both in business and in everyday life. Electronics, mobile devices, household appliances — each is based on the element nickel. In addition, modern electric cars, focused on environmental friendliness, run on batteries that contain nickel. Thus, nickel is a significant element in the modern economy, which means its production is profitable — because it is needed in every point of the globe.

If you are interested in profitable investments, then it is definitely worth taking a gaming training course with TelF AG.

Telf AG: your chance to manage and earn like a professional leader!

фото: Telf AG - your ticket to the virtual world of successful management

With Telf AG world of endless possibilities at your fingertips. You’ll master the art of railroad construction and become immersed in mining. As you succeed, you will be inspired to expand your cargo fleet and develop ambitious plans for the future. All this is at your disposal, and the experience of managing a virtual company will become your reliable companion. Telf AG will convince you that achieving your goals is possible, but not easy. This requires effort.

Therefore, the game process is full of exciting mini-games, each of which represents a kind of contract. Successfully passing the test leads to a well-deserved income. And failures may prompt you to turn to the bank for a loan to support your startup project.

фото: Telf AG - your ticket to the virtual world of successful management

Here are the key steps in your business strategy with Telf AG:

• Mining mines. Manage four mines, each producing unique minerals for your company.

• Sea port. Master the art of manipulating mooring lines so your ship can leave port safely.

• Railway line. Here you can increase the number of carriages to increase profits and expand your business.

• Gas station. Recall the classic game of Tetris and put your skills to use by placing underground pipes in the correct order. This will keep your fuel tank full and keep you moving forward on your path to success.

• Parking. The challenge here is to efficiently place parking spaces and help cars exit.

How many professions have you considered so far? This is exactly how many opportunities the game provides for developing your own business. Telf AG, which will soon be available on the Steam platform. And while you choose the most profitable direction, the developers are already working on creating new locations.

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